Traditional Works

Traditional works and studies of models in my Life Drawing Class at Tarrant County Community College. Materials I used were charcoal & graphite.

  • Type Life Drawing, Charcoal, Graphite

“Containment” -
This photo was taken by Andrey Vishnyakov.

"Female Study"

  • Ten to twenty minutes interval quick drawing
    of a female using graphite and charcoal while
    light was being directed on the model.

"Skeleton Study"

  • Drawing observation using graphite and
    charcoal of a skeleton structure leaning on a
    ladder with a cloth in its mouth. It is being lit
    directed from below.

“TCC Architecture”
– Selected a
focal point in the building and drew a
perspective line to draw the inside
architecture of the Tarrant County College
building in graphite.

"Model Studies"

  • Defining the model using interlacing wrapping
    lines, brackets, shapes, and a skeletal structure
    through observation.