• Type After Effects, Maya, Photoshop, Cinema4D, Flash

After Effects Demo Reel

Lighting Animation –
My Role:
Lighting Director, lit and rigged the last scene.

“Chiaroscuro” –
Created the storyboard and art. Original story by Daniel Brossart.

“Kodama” – Projection project on boxes telling a short story about a small creature, Kodama, that falls through a series of unfortunate boxes experiencing different types of environments. The first box is the home of the Kodama. It stumbles into the next box which is home to dangerous marine creatures. After escaping the dangers he travels up a cliff going back to his home world.

Kodama Walk Cycle:

JellyFish Animation:

My Role:
Art Director, Storyboard, Character Design and Animated last box with flash (

Projection project of relaxation, my team choose to incorporate jellyfishes and bubbles under water along with soothing music. Done in Maya.

My Role:
Art Director
Jellyfish model in Cinema4D.

Rigged a character who has a personality of a small boy who is sword fighting. Done in Maya.
Rig character from